Coroplast 18x30

Coroplast 18x30




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Description offers high quality coroplast sign printing in vivid CMYK colour. These lawn signs are made of a sturdy corrugated plastic and able to withstand nearly any environmental conditions. Specialized UV cured inks are used to to print, these inks offer incredible sunlight resistance (won't fade) and are 100% waterproof. Signs can be placed using the optional H-stakes we sell or by using your own hardware or staples. Lawn signs are a great way to advertise your business. These signs are very popular with contractors, they can be placed outside of your current projects to recruit new customers while increasing your brand awareness. They can also be used to market your product or services in high traffic areas. Landscapers, painters, recreational facilities, election signs for politicians, and many other types of businesses make good use of coroplast signs.

Add metal H-stakes to your order for an additional $1.50 each.

Metal H-stakes are used to plant your sign into soft ground (such as a lawn).