Service: Lamination 10mil

Service: Lamination 10mil




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10 MIL (.010”) – This is a serious laminate. It offers tremendous rigidity and protection. Pieces laminated with 10mil film cannot be bent or creased easily. As such, a 10mil laminate is often used on identification cards and badges, reusable tags, and reference sheets, as well as indoor/outdoor restaurant and bar menus that do not fold. Also, because of its superior toughness, a 10mil laminate is recommended for any printed pieces that are to be used in dirty, damp, greasy, or otherwise rugged environments.

Laminated printing refers to printed pieces that have a clear plastic film bonded to them.  Printing is laminated to protect it from stains and moisture, to increase its strength and durability, and to add sheen and vibrancy to its ink colors. Lamination makes printed documents look more finished and professional.

The clear plastic film used to laminate printed matter is available in a variety of thicknesses. Some are thin and flexible, others are quite rigid. By the way, if you need a printed piece to be rigid, one tip that can generally save you money is to use a heavy cardstock to print on and then apply a thinner laminate film…as opposed to printing on thinner paper and using a thicker laminate film. If in doubt, tell your printer what your desired thickness result is and then he/she can price it out with the method most economical for you.