Virtual Micro-Session
Virtual Micro-Session

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Set yourself up for success in 2021.

This micro-session is designed to be an introductory or overview session where we work together to begin the design process for your year. I will work with you to brainstorm and refine some goals, and begin planning for them. You can choose to use this session to plan for all your sessions and have discussions regarding roadblocks, or we can choose one or two goals for a deep dive and plan.

This session works best with a NalaBala Design Your Life Planner, though we can work through it with whatever tool you are currently using and optimize your usage.

When purchasing this item, you will be asked to create an account. Please ensure you use contact details which I can use to contact you to schedule the session. 


Look for the community at @nalabala on instagram or email for more information.


Please Note: Follow-up sessions are limited until June 2021 but can be made available upon request. A typical follow up session could include: 

- Goal Brainstorming, Refining, Revising

- Planning and Researching for Goals

- Action Plan Creation and Execution

- Identifying and Mitigating Risks and Roadblocks

- Managing Mitigation Strategies

- Habit Management

- Accountability Partnership

- Lessons Learned